Food Review

High Country Kombucha

High Country Kombucha_Elderberry & Wild Root

High Country Kombucha

Flavor: Wild Root

Flavor: Elderberry Hibiscus


Overall Power Score: 96/100

Taste: 10

Nutrition: 10

Appearance: 10

Packaging: 10

Cost: 8

A friend of mine brought me one of these and there was no going back.  These are my choice for a local, non-GMO verified product made with the best Rocky Mountain spring water on the planet (well, at least in Colorado, which I do believe is the greatest State in the Union).  As you may be aware, Kombucha is a fermented drink, that has “good bacteria”, or probiotics, for your gut.  And since a happy intestinal tract makes for a happy person – a pristine, and local kombucha that you can trust is a must-have for your weekly dietary routine.

I have fallen in love with the Wild Root flavor that is like drinking a super-food root beer – and the other flavor that I have enjoyed is the Elderberry Hibiscus, with flowery notes.  I have yet to try these other fabulous concoctions, but rest assured, you will be happy with the quality of this product.

Delicious Flavors to Choose From:




Wild Root (My Favorite!)

Goji Berry 

Elderberry Hibiscus

Rainforest Nectar

Groovy Grape

Tropical Mist

Tangerine Dream

Available at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage, I hope you will try these out and support a local producer who is doing great things for people and the planet.

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