Tag: Non-GMO

Suja Mighty Greens Juice

YUM!  This fresh, cold-pressed, no-GMO, organic juice is not only delectable – it is so good for you! Suja has a great selection of juice combinations – that can be found in many retail locations or delivered straight to your door! It’s sometimes hard to find the time […]

Jubilee Family Farm

Our newest client is Jubilee Family Farm – situated in Olathe, Colorado.  A micro-farm with a variety of choices for you to enjoy their natural and nurtured products, including: heritage pigs, dairy goats, heritage turkeys, eggs, garden vegetables, and fruits.  This is where I purchase my share for raw […]

Butter Really Does Make Everything Better

I stopped eating margarine in college when I started doing extensive research on our food supply and experimenting with my own health.  Margarine is full of (basically comprised totally of) trans-fatty acids that are an artificially-created substance that increases your bad cholesterol while at the same time lowering […]