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Are You Drinking Fluoride?

Maybe you have heard about the fluoridation of our water, and if not, there are many resources out there for you to research – both from people who are adamantly against it (like us), as well as government agencies that say it is ‘perfectly safe’ (always frightening in […]

Mysterious Blob Affecting Our Weather?

Scientists are declaring that it isn’t what we refer to as ‘Climate Change‘ affecting our country’s ‘mysterious’ and different weather this season, but perhaps instead this “blob” that has been apparent in the Pacific Ocean for a year and a half. Our questions are: 1. Could some of this […]

Free Us From Fluoride

Towns that are Saying NO to Bad Water In Colorado, it has been reported that the city of Rifle is again debating whether or not fluoride will be put into the water. Recently, at the University of Kent in the U.K., it has been shown that higher levels of […]