Food Review

TN! Food Review – Glutino Pizza

Glutino Pizza - Spinach & Feta

Glutino Personal Gluten-Free Pizza

Flavor: Spinach & Feta


Overall Power Score: 80/100


Taste: 9

Nutrition: 6

Appearance: 9

Packaging: 9

Cost: 7


I have tried several “Glutino”-branded products and have always been quite pleased with the taste.  These gluten-free personal pizzas are the perfect sized pizza for a meal or hearty snack – and, if you get the plain cheese (or really, any flavor), then you can add your own personal toppings for a more personalized snack.  The crust crisps up very nicely – and the taste is excellent.  Add that foundation to a hearty helping of cheese and toppings, and you have a gluten-free-win with this one.


As with most frozen items, the sodium count is pretty high, and if you have issues with salt, should keep an eye out for how that may affect the other items that you eat.  But, other than that, there are no artificial flavors, hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corn syrup – so a pretty clean and delicious meal, if you ask me.


I’m looking forward to trying the pepperoni – and have added this as a must-have for my personal pizza list.


– Tisha T. Casida


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