Food Freedom

Bin 707 Foodbar – Grand Junction, Colorado

Dr. Ron Paul and Bin 707 Staff

I had the opportunity to host an event and have our VIP dinner at Bin 707 Foodbar in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Here is a picture of the staff, it was a fantastic event.  The quality of their food is phenomenal and the wonderful people who work there are equally knowledgeable and friendly – explaining the eclectic menu to their guests and making one feel extremely welcome.  The owner and chefs are dedicated to farm-to-fork initiatives, and they are also working on establishing a composting program to minimize waste and utilize these resources.

You can check out their menu here, I would have to highly recommend the brunch menu and “Local Omelette”, as well as their fabulous selection of meats and cheeses.  And, if you are looking for a libation, try their Bloody Mary, along with their excellent selection of spirits and beers.

Check it out!

– Tisha Casida



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