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Testimonials from That’s Natural CBD Customers

That’s Natural is Pure, Potent, and Trusted!  We are loyal to our customers and supply chain (like our farmers!) – NOT outside investors with only one thing in mind.  You will see and feel the difference with our superior products, packed with life force!  See more on our blog:!

Precious plant compounds in That's Natural full spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil include other cannabinoids besides CBD (CBDA, CBC, CBG, CBN), terpenes (beta-myrcene, linalool, d-limonene, alpha-pinene, humulene, beta-caryophyllene) and polyphenols - See more about safe and effective hemp-derived CBD oil from Thats Natural at and

“I wanted to share with you a real miracle.  I fell twice yesterday when I was on a trail – I smashed my knee on the side and then my legs went out from under me and I landed on my hand.  I decided to try the Pet CBD that I had with me – I put it on my knee and directly on my hand.  I should have been really sore and bruised, especially on my knee, but I have to tell you that I am great today!” – Allecia E.


“Working on my 1965 Ford F100, I have a tendency to bash my hands while tinkering under the hood.  Most recently, after scouring the top of one – I decided to put on my That’s Natural CBD-Rich Remedy Creme to see what it would do.  Five days later my wounds were nearly healed and my overall skin quality has been improved.  Whatever is in this stuff really works.”  – ST,  Santa Fe, NM


“I have a small dog (dachshund-terrier mix) his name is PeeWee.  PeeWee loved to travel in cars until about 6 mos ago.  Now whenever he rides in a car he acts very nervous. He pants constantly, he shakes, and his body becomes very warm.  He hides he face under my leg or arm.  Recently I was given That’s Natural CBD oil to try on him.  I was blown away, it actually helped him.  He rode quietly and calmly after I gave him some of the oil.  I could not believe that it actually worked.  Now we will be able to take him with us again and not be worried that he is suffering.”  – Debra Morton


As someone who has needed to take pain-relieving pills a time to relieve menstrual pain. I was so happy and excited to find Thats Natural’s CBD rich cream. I found applying the cream topically straight on my abdomen worked really fast. It’s absorbed quickly and relieved pain faster than any OTC pain relievers I had taken in the past. I strongly recommend this cream for pain!!

Amanda R.


My doctor was AMAZED by how quickly my surgical scars healed using your healing cream. At 2 months he said “Wow you’re way above the curve”! I just had my 6 month checkup yesterday, and he thought it had been a YEAR! Outstanding product!

– Jo Schrubbe
I have had celiac disease for almost four years. The first two years, I was getting sick from cross contamination every 6-8 weeks and would be sick for about a week each time. Even with the smallest amounts of gluten imaginable, I would get sick for 7-10 days with headaches, blurry vision, nausea, stomach cramps, irregular bowel movements, and insomnia. Then I started taking That’s Natural’s CBD rich hemp oil. Over the past two years, I have only been sick twice (from family making spaghetti with wheat noodles for me) and recovered within 24 hours each time. I was skeptical that this had anything to do with the CBD oil, until I read some of the studies done on CBD’s influence on celiac disease. There is no doubt in my mind that my improvement in this area is because of the superior CBD oil from That’s Natural. A big thanks goes out to the That’s Natural team for improving my quality of life over the past two years and keeping my intestines healthy!

– T.L.W.

“I am amazed at how quickly I had results from the CBD oil. Almost instantly my anxiety symptoms disappeared; I remain calm and focused throughout the day and the nervous sweats are just completely gone. There are virtually no side effects, so this is an ideal product that I recommend to my patients as well.”
 – Richard M., PharmD
Dear Tisha & The That’s Natural Team, In May, 2015 while in the Yucatan, I received a phone call from Kaiser Hospital Denver, CO. My 92-year-old mom had been taken to the Emergency room for chronic exhaustion. After several hours, she was admitted and placed on the Oncology floor. At age 85 she had a bout with Lymphoma.  Having had chemotherapy then, the doctors immediately thought she was experiencing a side effect from the chemo – some other type of cancer. They wanted to do numerous testing to include a blood-marrow biopsy. You did hear me say she was 92, right? They also wanted to give her a blood transfusion saying if she did not approve having the procedure, she would be dead in two weeks. After conversation via phone with my mom; the doctors; and her close friend who had taken her to the hospital, we agreed (excluding the doctors) the best cure was to get her home and get her started on my own super-green recipe. Her super-green drink included That’s Natural’s, CBD Natural Hemp Oil made in Colorado. Mind you, my husband and I believe in clean eating, buy our foods from local farmers when possible, and look for alternative cures for healing. So That’s Natural was the “natural” choice when it came to mom.  We proceeded to put one dropper in each glass-full three times a day. After three weeks, she could sit up in bed; and, after six weeks, she was up and walking around. We then cut back the amount of the super-green drink but continued to give her CBD Hemp Oil under her tongue three times a day. After nine months she claimed to feel like she was 60 again. Mom made 93 in February. She phoned me (I was back in Yucatan for the winter) and she said she was doing great and thinking about doing some spring cleaning. She also said, “for my birthday maybe you can order me some more of that oil stuff.” She now takes it once a day and she can’t do without it.  My husband and I thought, “Hell, if it makes her feel that good, we better start using CBD once a day as well.” We have and feel better every day.  We thank you for helping save my mom’s life. She thanks you as well, Tisha.  – Pamela Chapman, CO

I use the unflavored CBD with Coconut oil.  I mix two or three dropper full drops into about a quarter to a third cup of coconut oil.  I then use it to rapidly heal everything from dry skin, to burns, cuts and rashes!  It works fast!  I also use a drop or two on my arthritic joints (fingers and knees) and it helps to keep the joint moving and reduces pain.  – Katherine, NM
I suffer from  Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I have been taking a few drops of CBD under my tongue every morning for a bit over a year. I need much less pain reliever (sometimes going a day without it at all) now and find that I am much less stiff than before. I notice it if I run out, but there is still lasting effect. – John
“Almost a week using it and three things I’ve noticed. One my allergies are in check. Two my eye sight has gotten better. The reason why I know my eyes got better is I can view my phone without struggling. My inflammation is clearing up. Love this product!” – Jesse C.
“Dear That’s Natural family:  First off I want to tell all the skeptics out there, don’t be. This amazing product has given me my son back. Antonio is a very rambunctious 10 year old boy with Autism and heart problems. About 3 years ago he started having horrible panic attacks that would last anywhere between 1 hour all the way up to 12 hours. This was not only taking a toll on his heart but also on our whole family’s emotional state. I had reached the end of my rope and didn’t know what to do. Then a miracle happened. I was talking with a coworker about my son and she told me about CBD oil and how amazing it was. I was scared at first, so many questions were running through my mind. Was it going to affect his heart? Will it turn my little boy into a “high” zombie? I talked it over with my husband and we both decided at this point the only way we could go was up. So I called my coworker, she called her son and we started Antonio on it the next morning. Fast forward 3 weeks and my handsome son is a new boy. Panic attack free since day 1 with no negative side effects! Words cannot describe what you have given back to me. Barb, Tyler and the rest of the That’s Natural family thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Sincerely, Savannah Vargas


“Name a traditional anti-epileptic medication and I’ve been on it. My seizures began when I was 17 years old and I spent most of my junior and senior year of high school in the hospital. We would try one medication and I would lose my short term memory, another would turn me into a zombie, and yet another would alter my personality so much I was a whole different person. Despite all of these treatments and time in the hospital I continued to have seizures. For years, I have struggled trying to figure out a way to control my epilepsy, and all the while I felt more like I was just trying to survive and never truly live.
It was when I felt I had finally exhausted all my options that I began to look at the option of medical marijuana, particularly CBD’s. I had always grown up with the assumption that medical marijuana used to treat epilepsy would cause the same high as recreational marijuana. This assumption caused me to put aside the idea of trying CBD’s for some time because of my lack of education on the subject. The truth of the matter is, the purified CBD’s produced by That’s Natural cause absolutely no high and have been, by far, the most effective treatment I have ever tried.
If you are reading this testament in an effort to see if CBD’s are right for you to treat your own affliction or the affliction of a loved one, I strongly encourage you to try That’s Natural. I have used several brands of CBD’s, with varying amounts of success, and I can tell you with confidence that the delivery method and purity of this product is the most effective I have tried so far. I have experienced none of the side effects which crippled me in my late teens and early twenties. The fact of the matter is, That’s Naturals CBD’s have given me my life back! I have been able to attend college, work full time, and participate fully in my relationships. But best of all, I no longer feel like I am just surviving in constant fear of when my next seizure may be, for the first time in years I am truly LIVING!!!”    – Kelsey M.

“This product has been a great help for taking the edge off when dealing with stress or anxiety. After taking this CBD oil, we’ve seen a noticeable calm become the common default response to situations throughout the day that usually would induce stress or anxiety. And with all benefits of supplementing with cannabidiol for preventative reasons, we look forward to continuing to enjoy all the benefits this product has to offer!” – Jackson & Hannah T. *************

“As a nursing student, the son of a nurse (mom) and doctor (dad), I am naturally very skeptical of new ideas/products that pertain to people’s health. When I first heard about CBD Hemp Oil, I was very skeptical to say the least. However, I did hours of research, and found that there are many studies showing health benefits, and very few, if any side affects. I eventually got curious enough to order a bottle for myself. Within thirty minutes of use, I was no longer sore from the ten hours of yard-work the day before. Also, as a Type 1 diabetic, my blood sugars have noticeably leveled off. By evening time on most days, my back is achy, sore, and quite uncomfortable. After three weeks of using this product, I have only had one instance of back pain. Besides all of these benefits that I have noticed, I also love the taste! This was the thing I was most nervous about, because I’d never tried anything like this before. No worries, the taste is great!”  – Tyler Wofford

“I decided to purchase this brand of CBD because it is grown in Colorado.  Other brands say things like “European GMO free” and “organic”, but the reality is that they have no idea where their product is grown or how.  Foreign hemp often contains heavy metals and other toxins.  At least I know I am ingesting a safe hemp oil grown in Colorado!  The solvent-free extraction process is also very important to me!I wanted to try CBD to relieve my stress levels.  I have high-blood pressure that has affected my vision for years.    Within two weeks of taking this product, my vision is considerably better!  I am grateful for this unexpected benefit!”  – Stephen Thompson

“I started using CBD oil a few weeks ago. I have had my nursing degree for thirty years, I have been exposed to a lot of new products which have many false claims. Because of this, I researched CBD oil for several hours before trying it. There are many uses for the oil, but I am mainly interested in the preventive measures it provides. Scientific research by doctors have shown it actually kills cancer cells and provides a protective coating around our brain cells. It has also helped me with smaller issues such as being more alert, and taking away some of my arthritic pains and aches. The future of CBD oil looks very promising.”   – Barbara Wofford

“I have had panic attacks and issues with anxiety all of my life.  I decided to try your That’s Natural CBD oil as a supplement – thinking that it may help with my tummy and digestive system , which have been affecting me the past two years (not initially even thinking about if it would help my anxiety).  Within minutes of taking my first dose, I experienced a calm that I have not felt for a very long time.  After using the product for six weeks, I went on a long road trip, which usually induces my panic attacks, and this time, experienced nothing of the sort.  I am used to managing my symptoms with meditation and exercise, however, the addition of your CBD oil has given me an additional boost that I never expected, and has made a profound difference for my peace of mind.  So grateful.” – T.T.C.

“Just wanted to let you know that I have been using the That’s Natural CBD Hemp Oil I bought from you for about 6 weeks on a red spot I had on my leg.  The spot kind of worried me because it never seemed to heal.  If you scratched it, it would bleed…then form a small scab… then accidentally bleed again. It never seemed to want to heal.  My husband wanted me to have that checked, but I kept putting it off.  Then, I decided to try the CBD Hemp Oil.  I faithfully put it on the spot every morning and every evening.  It slowly started to look better.  After about 6 weeks, I don’t even think about that spot anymore.  I don’t know what that spot was, but it did have me worried.  The CBD Hemp Oil was the only thing I was doing differently, so I believe it helped to heal that strange blemish. Thanks!”  – Virginia Ann


“I had been thinking of cbd’s for some time, and wanted to learn more about them. I’ve had a number of chronic health issues for years. All of them require meds, which typically make at least one of the other conditions worse. There is a  long list of side effects that come with each of them as well. A friend uses this product so I decided to get serious and research it more, and then tried a bottle. My results were not immediate, but amazing once it started working. I’m a skeptic, so I started and stopped the oil numerous times since then, just to ensure the improvement was a truly from this product. The results have been dramatic. My severe GI issues required 560mgs of just one of my prescribed meds each week. This was about four times more than the average person. There were a long list of side effects, and they were not always effective. Now, I take only 40-80mgs each week. The headaches I was having daily are down to an all time low in more than 5 years and are no longer daily. My blood pressure and heart rate have also significantly improved as well.” ~Lori Rafferty


I was first diagnosed with epilepsy at age 22, shortly after completing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  It turned out that I had a fairly mild form of the disease, and only dealt with an actual seizure occurring once every 3-4 months and generally in the mornings while I’m still in bed.  Though it isn’t illegal in this state for those with epilepsy to operate a motor vehicle, and the nature of my seizures did not make me worry about an accident, it was the general anxiety caused by the constant worry about when the next one might occur that got in the way of my ability to function socially, as well as to complete all the duties of my very public-oriented job providing care coordination services in the behavioral health care field.   During this time, I tried many medical strategies and alternative cures to help deal with this anxiety.  Ironically, the anti-anxiety medication I was prescribed by doctors couldn’t be taken to relieve anxiety, as it would make my anti-epilepsy drugs less effective.

It turned out that being in public places significantly increased these anxiety symptoms and right around the time I was becoming completely agoraphobic, that I discovered That’s Natural! CBD Help Oil being sold at a festival I was attending.  I had previously heard about the various positive effects of the hemp plant and of cannabidiol in general, but had never thought to use it to help with my own symptoms.

After several weeks of supplementing with their CBD tincture, these general feelings of anxiety about having a breakthrough seizure and of being in public in general dissipated, and I can confidently say that I no longer deal with these feelings of anxiety and comfortablycomplete all of my work duties without any complications, as well as go see a movie or concert once in a while without feeling uncomfortable and counting the minutes until it’s time to leave.  It also appears that the frequency and intensity of seizures that do occur periodically have significantly decreased, as well as more/better sleep and am able to fall asleep more quickly and wake up feeling more rested than before.

I plan on continued daily use of That’s Natural! CBD Help Oil and am excited to find out about new products and innovations in the field that continue to be made.

-Mitch Vance

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