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Barlean’s Fish Oil – Creamsicle Meets Uber-Health

Barleans Total Omega Creamsicle

If you’ve ever said that you would take fish oil when hell freezes over, or jokingly said you’d take fish oil if it tasted like a creamsicle, well, be prepared to eat crow, or, take a spoonful of this stuff.

Not that I am a connoisseur of fish-based-high-in-omega-fatty-acids oil, but I have tried my share.  Most do a valiant job of trying to cover the fishy and long-lasting taste associated salmon and cod oil – Barlean’s actually makes it taste GOOD!

You probably won’t believe me until you try it yourself.  I had my organic concord grape chaser-juice in hand when I poured the spoonful and gulped it down – but before I slugged the grape juice, I realized that there was no terrible taste on my tongue to chase.  A huge surprise after the previous fish oils I had purchased from another brand.

If you can’t stand the taste of fish oil, and if this is what is stopping you from taking this particular supplement, I hope you will try Barlean’s Orange Cream Total Omega Swirl and see if you can cope with the flavor of a delicious orange creamsicle.

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