Smart Meter Scandals – Do You Have One?

Do You Have a Smart Meter

Most people don’t realize that they have a new “smart” meter installed on their home.  That’s right – if you go outside and look and see a DIGITAL reading on your meter instead of those turning wheels that used to be there – you are being monitored by the government (public utility) for power usage.

Now, the battle cry for why this is such a great idea is “efficiency” and less costs versus having real, live humans go out and check your meter.  However, with these smart meters, that can monitor not only your energy usage, but also know what brands of appliances you are using, as well as determining when you are home or not, is a bit too intrusive for us here at That’s Natural.  Saving energy is one thing – monitoring every action of a person or family is quite another.

There are several dangers associated with such “smart meters”.

First of all, corrupted government could eventually pass laws that allocate how much energy you are “allowed” to use, and simply turn off your power when you exceed that.  Or, worse, if combined with crediting agencies, shut you down or refuse you service for not meeting their standards.

Secondly, corrupted government could ban the use of certain brands or certain types of appliances if they feel that those are taking up too much energy (remember the whole incandescent light bulb thing?) – this could be especially hard on the poor who cannot afford to purchase new, energy efficient appliances.

Third, the government could actually sell your information to manufacturers and have them direct market to you knowing your energy usage and the types of appliances being used.

Fourth, you may think that such monitoring would make it easier to spot illegitimate use of energy, however, these smart meters make it easier for criminals and hackers to steal power.

Fifth – because there is electricity, this could cause health issues for some people sensitive to electronic interference (electromagnetic hypersensitivity/EMF poisoning) – not to mention the risk of fire!

Lastly, you can be monitored for when you are home or not, opening up the door to theft and your privacy being completely taken away.

There is a documentary called “Take Back Your Power” that can be streamed or purchased at – that we highly encourage you to watch, as well as share this information with your friends and family.  YOU HAVE A RIGHT to know what type of instruments are being used on your home that are from government or from a public utility provider.  You also have a right to opt out of these if you feel they are dangerous to your health, privacy and security!

– Tisha Casida

Also, for some insight as to personal experiences as well as videos, see this great article from Activist Post.

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  1. Hmm, I was not interested about this issue until today, because here in the Czech Republic it is only in testing project now. But when I think about this rubish now, I must say it is stupid, naive and probably very dangerous. As this article mension, it will be new toy for hackers. If this power meters will have a function, that it will be possible to connect and disconnect a house of the electricity grid (I hope that they are not so stupid), than We can expect blackouts made by hackers. I have two nice examples, how easy it is. One from students of some Poland University and second from MIT students:

    Easier work for electricity distribution companies and some money save are absolutely meaningless against the big problems, which will come after massive hacking attack on the smart power meters networks.

    So go opt out, if you can. I do not think, there is any positive benefit for you. Maybe better to say, that it is nothing what you need for your life, so why use something what can harm you, if you must not do it?

    I am always sad, when I see how new technologies are used for rubishes, just because it is possible. 😦

    • Exactly – huge opportunity for people to be hurt by corruption and/or criminals. Sometimes, technology can be a bad thing! Thank you for the input and links Michal! 🙂

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