Immersing Natural Goodness with My New Immersion Blender

berries 1

By: Tisha T. Casida

I am not a cook.  But I long to be one!  So I thought I would start the process of exploring kitchen gadgetry with an “immersion blender” that I could make smoothies with.  Yes, there are easier ways to make smoothies, but I, want to make things complicated.  After all, if I can fit everything into one, comprehensive package (like a smoothie), I am ultimately going to save time and money.  This is MY healthcare.

This is my basic list of ingredients, to be expanded upon and that could certainly be modified for your taste preferences.

1/4 cup Plain Goatmilk yogurt

Handful of Organic Berry Mix

1/4 cup JUST Organic Cranberry Juice

2 Tablespoons Finely Ground Organic Flax Seed

1/4 Teaspoon Camu (Like a very potent vitamin C)

1 Tablespoon Local, Raw, Unfiltered Honey

Mix all of things together using the chopping, immersing, shaking, spinning machine or object of your choice.  And, ENJOY!

This is a pretty sour mix of flavors because I cannot stand too sweet of things, so for most folks who like a sweeter smoothie, you would want to add some sweetener and/or use juices that have some sugar in them.  The only thing that didn’t work, was that my honey did not blend, it got cold and was in a sort of clump with some goodness stuck in it.  Not sure how to solve that at the moment.  Also, if you are using reddish colored fruits and juices, do not freak out at the first sign of red oozing from your fingers after mixing and pouring in your glass.  And lastly – never ever lick a plugged in machine.

Now, That’s Natural!

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