Food Review

TN! Food Review – Kale Krunch (Quite Cheezy!)

Kale Krunch

Alive & Radiant Foods – Kale Krunch

Flavor: “Quite Cheezy”  — Website:

Overall Power Score: 86/100

Taste: 10

Nutrition: 10

Appearance: 7

Packaging: 8

Cost: 8

If you love crunch, and want a healthier alternative (or addition) to your potato chips, then check out the various Kale Krunch options from Alive & Radiant.  I picked up the “Quite Cheesy” blend on sale at Whole Foods the other week, and was very happy with this low-fat, high-vitamin and mineral snack.

What is really surprising is that there is NO CHEESE, even though it tastes like there is!  The dried red bell peppers, along with the organic cashews, organic lemon juice and Himalayan crystal salt, actually combine to make a tasty seasoning that has a creamy/cheesy taste – with no dairy!

I like to get these and sprinkle them on top of my salad greens, or just munch on for a crispy snack.  Delicious, organic, and dairy-free!

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