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That’s Natural CBD-Rich Massage Oil

This light, velvety, and smooth massage oil is perfect for combining the power of That’s Natural CBD with a superior all-natural oil base that ensures long-lasting slip and gliding action!   Besides our That’s Natural CBD-Rich Proprietary Blend Hemp Oil, this luxurious massage oil has: Safflower Seed Oil, Organic Aloe Oil, Apricot Kernel […]

Topical Applications for Cannabinoids – Lotions, Crèmes, and Salve from That’s Natural

One of the best ways to enjoy the effects of non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD is transdermally – on the skin.  That’s Natural has a skin-care line that includes: our signature CBD-Rich Healing Crème, Super Salve, Face & Eye Dream Crème, and our popular Bosom/Body Lotion Potion. CBD-rich hemp oil that comes from […]

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