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CBD Now A Part of the NFL?

Every year, more and more research comes out showing how damaged NFL players brains can get because of the sport. Rule changes, safety precautions, and new gear has become an everyday occurrence in the NFL world. Concussions and CTE have become one of the primary focuses, and they […]

How Does CBD Affect Inflammation?

It’s been said that inflammation is the root cause of many diseases/disorders. If people can reduce the inflammation, a lot of the pain and discomfort they are experiencing from a variety of issues likely will diminish or completely resolve. One study claims that: “We report that systemic and […]

Cannabinoids for “The Gut” – GI Tract Issues including IBS and Crohn’s Disease

Here’s a link to the journal article “Endocannabinoids and the gastrointestinal tract“.  There is mounting evidence that non-psychoactive cannabinoids (like CBD) may have therapeutic effects for a variety of ailments stemming from the digestive system and colon, sometimes referred to as “the gut”. From the abstract: “While CB1 receptors are […]