Q & A – That’s Natural! CBD Hemp Oil

We have the highest quality CBD hemp oil on the market and we want to make sure that you understand more about it!  Let us know more questions that you have.  We have the integrity and transparency that makes us a leader with this Colorado-grown premium product.

Question: Is this legal?

Hemp products are and have been legal to buy and sell in all 50 States.  If you go to a health food store, or even a Wal-Mart, you will find hemp granola, hemp cereal, hemp protein drinks, even just plain hemp seeds to add to your salad!

Question: What do I do with it?

Hemp Oil can be used for both topical and oral applications.  Our Premium CBD Hemp Oil is a tincture that is recommended to be taken orally.  By first putting some under your tongue, and then swallowing it.  There are other hemp oil products, that people use for soap, lotions, and more – however, our That’s Natural! tincture, because of the purity and levels of CBD, has a suggested use of being taken orally.

Question: What does it taste like?

Our Premium CBD Hemp Oil tastes… delicious!  It is has just a bit of peppermint oil that makes for a delicious and enjoyable sensation – try it!

How much Cannabidiol, or CBD is in your product?

There are 250mg total cannabinoids.  239 mg of our product is CBD, and then there are11 mg of other cannabinoids.  We independently test our product for this, and are proud of the purity of what we offer for customers.  Not only do we have these high levels of CBD, but we also use Colorado-grown hemp (versus hemp from other countries) and to extract the oil, we use a supercritical CO2 extraction process – that means no solvents are ever used in producing our CBD hemp oil tincture.

At That’s Natural!, we only have the best.  And we hope you will read more about the research and potential benefits of our Premium CBD Hemp oil at www.cbdoil.life.

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  1. I need to know if your hemp oil is made from the seeds or the stalk…very important.
    I just ordered more, but need to know this. Thanks so much…

    • To answer your question – neither! Our Premium CBD Oil from hemp is made only from the leaves and stems of the leaves – not the seeds and not the stalk. We hope this helps – please feel free to email us at: info(at)cbdoil(dot)life.

  2. I recently suffer a stroke. I’m wondering if this might be good to get me back on my feet. My daughter sent me some samples from a place in CO but I don’t think it’s enough to notice anything.

    • Dear Liz – as you can understand, we cannot diagnose or prescribe. We have had so many happy customers across the country, what we tell people is to give our product a try – we have had very positive feedback from most everyone who tries our product. We can’t promise anything, but we hope that you will think about giving it a chance, and we are wishing you the very best on your road to recovery.

    • What is the dosage?

      Hello! This answer is from our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at this link: http://cbdoil.life/blogs/news/51375681-frequently-asked-questions-about-thats-natural-cbd-hemp-oil – Per FDA guidelines, we cannot diagnose or prescribe, but our tincture label gives a suggested dosage of 1 dropper (approximately 25 drops). This would mean that there are approximately 25 servings at this rate. That’s Natural suggests starting out at 1/2 to 1 full dropper per day. Some of our customers take more. We commonly hear of people taking 2 full droppers daily. It is up to the consumer. Our product has no known side effects and can be taken several times daily or just once. The customer knows how they feel and we always suggest starting small and adjusting to the customer’s level of comfort based on the results, which vary by person. We encourage our customers to try it out, and experiment to see what works best for them.

  3. I found some claims that CBD oil is not water soluble and you may be wasting it without combining nanotechnology and turmeric for maximum absorption.

    Can you help me with this question as I really want to move forward with a product to help with my insomnia, depression, and anxiety?

    • Hello and thank you for reaching out! Although a lot more research has yet to be done – we are astounded by the effectiveness of the oil-based product for our customers. We have many people who have sent their testimonials to us – and so although solubility is something that should be researched further, we tell people to find a product you trust and try it. Oils – like essential oils – have been used for healing for thousands of years – and so we are big fans and supporters of whole-plant and whole-food (naturally occurring and non-synthesized) oils. We hope this helps you!

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