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2015 Celebrates the 9th Year of our company and publication – That’s Natural!  

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Will Work for Food! Summer 2014 Publication

It’s that time!  The deadline for advertisers and clients for the Winter That’s Natural! Program is November 20th!  

We are celebrating 9 years in business with a special publication to highlight the best Colorado farmers and producers.  This will be our biggest promotion yet – with distribution in over 250 locations State-wide, as well as select distribution to our database of subscribers and clients.

We want you to be a part of this special event.  That’s Natural! now has the largest and most detailed database in the State – covering producers who are a part of the Colorado Farm Fresh Directory (Colorado Department of Agriculture), as well as smaller farmers and producers who we have found through our travels of Colorado.

I want you to be featured, and I would love to do partial trade to help you with cash flow.  Ads start at just $250 for over three months of exposure (December-January-February) and if you are pleased with what we do, you can sign on to be in the next three issues – Spring, Summer, and Fall – and save even more!

Your purchase of an ad in That’s Natural! includes a listing on our website, as well as mentions on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  And, your ad design is included in the cost!  You can’t lose, and you will gain exposure to new customers who are seeking out your products.

Contact me today to reserve placement and get started on your ad design.  Don’t forget – I work for food!  Partial trade is always available, and this is a great way to reach even more customers, with our network of friends and clients.

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Your 911 for Food Freedom

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There is no more important liberty than the freedom to choose what you are eating and drinking.  There is a federal assault on local food, small farmers, and your individual liberty to grow, consume, and exchange foods and medicines that are inherently a part of a healthy lifestyle.  That’s Natural! is dedicated to fighting and lobbying for your food and health freedom at every level of government.  Join our army of food freedom advocates.

34 Degree Savory Crisps

TN Food Review - 34 Degree Savory Crisps - Natural

34 Degree Savory Crisps

Flavor: Natural


Overall Power Score: 88/100

Taste: 10

Nutrition: 6

Appearance: 10

Packaging: 10

Cost: 8

These are not new to my repertoire of crispy goodness, but it is time to say so.  These whimsical and perfectly crispy crackers were born in and continue to be made in Colorado.  They are the impeccable addition to snack plates and trays, and are just waiting for some delicious topper to be placed on them for a mid-day (or midnight) (or anytime) treat.   They come in an array of flavors that are light and never over-powering, including:



Cracked Pepper

Rosemary (My favorite!)

Whole Grain

Available at Whole Foods, various supermarkets, and fine food specialty stores, these are a great addition to have in the pantry and take to a friend’s house the next time you go for a party!

The USDA Should NOT Have Submachine Guns

USDA Request for Submachine Guns Pic

Screen Shot Taken from the GSA Website – Red highlighting has been added by me.

By: Tisha T. Casida

Why on earth would an agency charged to “regulate” agriculture need machine guns?  Or any guns for that matter?  Isn’t there something horribly wrong with this picture?  Can you imagine farmers and ranchers doing anything on their property that would require this particular government agency to have these high-powered weapons?


Unless a farmer or rancher is physically harming someone else – physically beating or using force against another person for any reason other than self-defense – there is absolutely NO REASON that weapons should ever be used by any government agency against its own citizens. And there are already law enforcement agencies charged to take care of such a situation – like the County Sheriff.


We have people screaming about gun laws for the safety of citizens – what about the applicability of these gun laws that already exist for our own government officials?  Shouldn’t they have to follow the same laws?  Isn’t the government made up of individuals just like you and me?  What makes somebody who works for the government any better, smarter, or capable of managing a weapon used for mass killing?


I hope you take a moment to sign this petition at the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund  – and stay involved in this debate.  There is absolutely no reason that ANY government agency or official should have these weapons that could be used against our own citizens.  It is frightening – and we can stop it.

In Peace,


Dear Government – Stop Killing Local Businesses

Stop Government from Killing Small Businesses

Dear Pueblo County Health Department, Pueblo Regional Building Department, and Pueblo Fire Department:

I would like to ask for your help – to save a small business in Pueblo.  This is not the only small business in Pueblo that needs saving, I actually have a list that could use some bureaucratic relief.  However, if we can start with one, and set an example, I think it will fare well for the City and County of Pueblo.  Because the City and County of Pueblo need tax revenue – to pay for projects that are not completely funded yet, I hope that this makes economic sense to you.

Jo Schrubbe, with Farm Fresh Market, opened her small business that provides delicious and nutritious food, often locally sourced, to the community.  She just opened in June of 2012.  She has already paid thousands of dollars in licensing and inspection requirements for the location where she is at.  Because her current location now has a fellow tenant that uses toxic chemicals in its processing (nail salon) that seep through the ventilation system into where the food is housed and prepared, Jo is seeking to move her business, which depends on a healthy working environment, to another location.

The location where Jo is moving will cost an additional $20,000 to renovate, which the owners of the location agreed to.  However, then, the Pueblo Health Department and Regional Building Department asked the owners to make additional “upgrades” to bring the building up to their codes, which would cost an additional $5,000- $10,000.  Unfortunately, this ended Jo’s opportunity to lease the building – the costs were too much for the owners to bear, and Jo is left without a place that meets the draconian requirements of the Health Department.  A “Health” Department that is putting a business that brings people good health, out of business.

As a consumer, I appreciate the vigilance that you have in keeping Puebloans “safe”.  However, once a business owner passes the test of providing the licensing and fees once, couldn’t there be a better way to help that business if it needs to move – especially because of health reasons (Health Department)?  Could you look at your licensing and codes and perhaps see if you could do something less prohibitive?  What you are requiring is going to end Jo’s ability to have a location that meets her customers’ needs.  Moving is expensive already – couldn’t your departments be a little more helpful in working with this small business owner who has already paid for these licenses and fees once, and who is providing an invaluable service to the City and County of Pueblo – namely that of creating a tax base?  Not to mention making healthier people?  Dear “Health” Department – isn’t this something you should embrace and promote?

I want to bring attention to this case – to show how important it is for government to work with businesses – specifically at the County level – where government officials can have extremely positive impacts, if they are just willing to listen and work with entrepreneurs and business owners who are working hard, trying to follow the rules, and have already paid the government for the licensing requirements, just a couple years ago.

Some response would be appreciated – so that we can help Jo and others who are facing these same problems.  Pueblo needs small businesses, Pueblo needs tax revenue – don’t run Farm Fresh Market out of town.


Tisha Casida – Owner, That’s Natural!

Contact Jo Schrubbe direct at: Farm Fresh Market 2310 S. Prairie Ave Suite B Pueblo, CO. 81005 719-248-5188

TN Food Review – Siggi’s Yogurt

Siggi's Yogurt

Siggi’s Yogurt

Flavor: Raspberry


Overall Power Score: 88/100

Taste: 10     Nutrition: 8    Appearance: 10    Packaging: 10    Cost: 6

Yogurt is all the rave these days, and it is easy to find oneself in a yogurt-rut – with so many choices and so little time!  If you love creamy and thick yogurt (which is my absolute favorite) and also like non-super-sweet but still flavorful choices – then you MUST try Siggi’s Icelandic Yogurt (called “skyr” in Iceland).

If you crave something that is a creamy treat without any of the sugary-ness that accompanies most flavored yogurts, then there is a wide array of flavors for you to try:




Acai & Mixed Berries


Orange & Ginger

Plain (of course)

Pomegranate & Passion Fruit


Coconut (yum!)

Strawberry & Basil

If you haven’t tried it yet, I think you should!  And hope you enjoy.

Jubilee Family Farm

Our newest client is Jubilee Family Farm – situated in Olathe, Colorado.  A micro-farm with a variety of choices for you to enjoy their natural and nurtured products, including: heritage pigs, dairy goats, heritage turkeys, eggs, garden vegetables, and fruits.  This is where I purchase my share for raw goat milk!

This is the front of the postcard that we produced for Jubilee Family Farm
This is the front of the postcard that we produced for Jubilee Family Farm

They can be contacted at:

5476 5700 Road 
Olathe CO 81425 
Phone: 970-275-3247 

Triclosan, It Is So Good to See You Go!

No Triclosan

- Tisha T. Casida

Almost ten years ago, I stopped using anti-bacterial soap.  I just use essential oils (or natural bar soaps).


Why?  Because I read a study about how Triclosan mimics hormones, and was shown to create abnormalities in frogs.  Well, if it is causing anything abnormal to happen to any species, then it is sure to have an effect on us.  It appears that at least in Minnesota, they have come to the same conclusion, by banning triclosan in most consumer hygiene products.


For ten years, I have never used the soaps dispensed in gas stations, schools, grocery stores, etc.  I use a combination of cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon, clove, and rosemary oils.  And I don’t get sick.  I don’t get flu-shots either.  (Hey – I am not saying don’t wash your hands – that is gross, I am saying, there are alternatives to the anti-bacterial chemicals.)


This is another example of a product “approved by” a government agency, which is now showing to have dangerous effects on people’s hormonal development, immune systems, and overall health and wellness.  Do YOU trust the government to tell you what is good for you?


As individuals, we can all appreciate a government that does what it is formed to do – protect people’s property.  People’s property can’t be protected when they have to trust a government agency to “approve” what is good (based on the contributions that government officials and representatives get from the corporations and industry that wants to be “approved”).  People always deserve the freedom to choose what they want to consume or put onto their bodies.


Bye-bye triclosan – I can stand as a testimony to the non-danger of not using the anti-bacterial chemicals that can destroy your body and your ability to reproduce.  I am alive, I am healthy, and I am free.  Are you?


TN! Food Review – Hail Merry Macaroons


Hail Merry Macaroons

Flavor: Blonde



Overall Power Score: 80/100

Taste: 10

Nutrition: 9

Appearance: 8

Packaging: 7

Cost: 6


Holy macaroons!  These small, tasty, good-fat-dense bundles of coconut deliciousness are the perfect addition to your refrigerated desserts.  Although they are a bit on the pricy-side, it is what we should expect to pay for vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and NON-GMO verified treats that are made with organic virgin coconut oil, and organic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla.  You get what you pay for!  Health food treats that are delicious and packed full of good things for your body are hard to find.


Loaded with natural flavor and made with love (you can taste that, you know) – I am addicted to these and they have become one of my favorite midnight snacks.

- Tisha Casida