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True and Natural Full Spectrum Cannabinoids & Terpenes from That’s Natural!

At That’s Natural, we know that consumers will be barraged with CBD products claiming to be ‘full spectrum’.  The truth is, that most of these products use CBD isolate and they may ‘add back in’ cannabinoids or terpenes from different sources.  These are NOT the naturally occurring cannabinoids […]

That’s Natural Full Spectrum Oil – Complete Profiles of Cannabinoids & Terpenes

We love hearing from our customers – and it is both fascinating and encouraging to see the amazing range of health issues that can be helped using the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD.  It is really quite incredible. On our research page, you will find updated lists of journal articles that pertain to […]

The Major Terpenes in That’s Natural Full-Spectrum CBD-Rich Hemp Oil

Terpenes are naturally occurring molecules that exist in many plants including citrus fruit rinds, many herbs, hops, and pine needles.  Hemp and/or cannabis plants also have terpenes that are a naturally occurring component of the plant.  Sometimes referred to as ‘terpenoids’ – these are molecules that are built […]

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