Research on CBD (Cannabidiol)

Alpha-Pinene – A Prominent That’s Natural Terpene

The That’s Natural terpene profile includes: beta-myrcene, linalool, d-limonene, alpha-pinene, humulene, beta-caryophyllene - more from Thats Natural at and find us an our Life Force Market outside of Basalt in the Aspen Valley next to the Willits Gas Station #ThatsNatural #lifeforce #cbd #cbdoil


Another terpene that is prominent in That’s Natural’s products is Alpha-Pinene. It, as it’s name suggests, is not only found in cannabis, but also in coniferous trees – especially the Pine Tree. However, it can also be found in juniper berries and tea tree oil.
So, what are it’s health benefits? According to thqis article, it exhibits anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and can also act as a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Ironically, it can also function as a bronchodilator! In fact, in ancient times, it was mixed with wine, milk, or water to treat respiratory illnesses – specifically ones that lead to congestion of the airway. It was used to promote secretion of sputum by the air passages to help treat coughs.
Hundreds of years ago, it was also used to internally and externally to treat parasitic infections. This study showed that Alpha-Pinene was extremely effective towards three different kinds of cancer cells and exhibited potent antibacterial activity. The original article linked here also discusses studies showing its ability to be anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. One study that is referenced there discusses how the chemical substances and bacterial and fungal cells. Meanwhile, this study explains the anti-inflammatory effects of Alpha-Pinene. It states that:
“At noncytotoxic concentrations, (+)-α-pinene (1) elicited the most potent inhibition of the IL-1β-induced inflammatory and catabolic pathways, namely, NF-κB and JNK activation and the expression of the inflammatory (iNOS) and catabolic (MMP-1 and -13) genes. (−)-α-Pinene (2) was less active than the (+)-enantiomer (1), and β-pinene (3) was inactive. E-Pinane (4) and oxygenated pinane-derived compounds, pinocarveol (5), myrtenal (6), (E)-myrtanol (7), myrtenol (8), and (Z)-verbenol (9), were less effective or even completely inactive and more cytotoxic than the pinenes tested (1–3). The data obtained show isomer- and enantiomer-selective anti-inflammatory and anticatabolic effects of α-pinene in human chondrocytes, (+)-α-pinene (1) being the most promising for further studies to determine its potential value as an antiosteoarthritic drug.”


That’s Natural products are considered to be full spectrum meaning they contain cannabinoids and terpenes from the whole plant. Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system,  which is fueled by these cannabinoids and terpenes.   The combination of these compounds help to provide what is known as the entourage effect. Here you can listen to Dr. David Allen explain how the endocannabinoid system contributes to how our immune system and nervous system function.  By providing pure, potent, and trusted products, That’s Natural continues to strive to meet our customer’s needs – something we have been doing for twelve years! With 100% traceability of where our hemp comes from, you can be confident in what you are putting on, or in, your body. For more questions regarding our CBD products, please visit our Questions and Answers page.


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