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5 Ways to Consume CBD

How to Consume CBD - From That's Natural Full Spectrum CBD Oil at www.cbdoil.life

Many people ask about how they can take CBD. Some people prefer to apply it topically, or trans dermally, while others prefer to consume it. However, there are multiple ways to consume it, with pros and cons to each. A recent article by INSC Magazine outlined the different ways to consume CBD.

  • CBD can be consumed in a powder or oil form, which allows you to add it meals without the hassle of measuring or mixing. You can also mix them into shakes or smoothies, as they come in a crystallized form. The down side most of these products are an isolate, where it is just CBD, and no other active cannabinoids.
  • CBD oil sprays are also becoming a more popular method of consuming CBD. They work just like mouth fresheners. Spray them into your mouth, generally with a flavor like peppermint, vanilla, etc… As with anything consumed orally, you run the risk of not absorbing very much CBD. Stomach acid is almost as acidic as a car batter, and more acidic than your favorite soft drink.
  • CBD vaporizers have been a growing area of interest, but it also comes with some down side. It is convenient, because you can use disposable vape pens that will last most people 2-3 weeks. However, there isn’t much research at this point on the effects of vaping CBD on your lungs. Popcorn lung is a common side effects with vaping nicotine, but it’s not known whether CBD would have the same effect when being inhaled straight into the lungs.
  • CBD capsules are very nice when you are in a hurry, and might be easier to incorporate into your morning routine, depending on if you have other vitamins or supplements you are currently taking. The down side, as mentioned before is the absorption rate. It’s unclear how much CBD will be destroyed by our gastric acid before it ever gets the chance to absorb into our blood stream.
  • CBD tinctures are typically alcohol based, but some, like That’s Natural’s do not contain the alcohol that originally gave “tinctures” their name. The beauty of tinctures is the concentration of CBD that they can contain. They can be taken sublingually, ensuring one of the purest forms of absorption known to man. Certain flavors can be added to tinctures to help stifle the cannabis taste for those that don’t want it.

The article concludes by reminding consumers to not compromise the quality based on price. Always buy a high quality product, even if it is more expensive than other options.


That’s Natural products are considered to be full spectrum meaning they contain cannabinoids and terpenes from the whole plant. Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system,  which is fueled by these cannabinoids and terpenes.   The combination of these compounds help to provide what is known as the entourage effect. Here you can listen to Dr. David Allen explain how the endocannabinoid system contributes to how our immune system and nervous system function.  By providing pure, potent, and trusted products, That’s Natural continues to strive to meet our customer’s needs – something we have been doing for twelve years! With 100% traceability of where our hemp comes from, you can be confident in what you are putting on, or in, your body. For more questions regarding our CBD products, please visit our Questions and Answers page.


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