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These 4 Rituals Will Keep Your Health and Vitality Up To Par

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Everyone has their routine, and there is always room for improvement. No routine is perfect, but here are five ways you might be able to improve yours!

Cell Phones

Not sleeping with a phone near you. Putting a phone on airplane mode, in a different room, an hour before going to sleep helps create a boundary! Instead of rolling over and looking at your phone immediately after waking up, you can spend it planning your day, giving thanks, and setting the tone for the rest of the day.

Morning Supplements

Putting a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swirling it around for twenty minutes is known as “oil pulling”. It can help remove toxins in our bodies which are released into our mouth while we sleep. Gargling with sea salt, brushing our teeth, and scraping our tongues can also help. A lot of people are now implementing CBD oil into their morning routines as well.

Cold Showers

Did you know that cold showers can be good for you? Cold showers can improve circulation, relieve anxiety, strengthen our immune systems, enhance radiant skin, and even increase our vitality and energy. After a cold shower, rubbing CBD rub or lotion may help eliminate the stiff neck aches and discomfort. CBD can be used for many daily struggles including our nervous systems, endocrine systems, digestive systems, immune systems, and circulatory systems.


Yoga stretches with incense or essential oils help set intentions for the day. It helps us focus on our tasks for the day, as well as what should be embraced, released, avoided, and balanced.

For a more in depth look at these and more morning rituals, check out this article.

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