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Bustle Writes About The Benefits of Hemp

Hooper Hemp Farm - That's Natural 2016 Harvest - 2 Large Hemp Plants with San Juan Mountains

The Bustle, an American magazine founded in 2013, wrote a recent article discussing what the health benefits of hemp are.

From Bustle:

“Hemp is becoming more and more known for its health and wellness properties, moving away from its once hippie-ish reputation to mainstream markets like Whole Foods. While not a cure-all, hemp-based products are known to offer relief for myriad medical conditions.”….” Reasons hemp is all the rage include its reported ability to reduce anxiety, sooth aches, manage chronic pain, relieve PMS symptoms, moisturize skin, and more — all without the worry of exposing yourself to toxic chemicals.”

Bustle interviewed Dr. Cass Ingram who said:

“In combating anxiety and depression cannabinoids play a significant role. These substances act as signaling agents, causing improved communication between neurons,” Dr. Cass Ingram, author of more than 20 books on natural healing, explains in an email to Bustle. “The anti-anxiety and antidepressant action of cannabinoids are related to enhanced neurotransmission as a result of their direct actions on neurotransmitter metabolism, including the induction of an increase in the synthesis of serotonin.”

Bustle then discussed the potential benefit of pain relief and cannabinoids. Bustle reports Dr. Ingram explaining that:

“Through their direct action on immune cells cannabinoids, especially the cannabis terpenes, help reduce and/or modulate the inflammatory response. This is through influencing and modifying the production of pro-inflammation mediators. Essentially, cannabinoids put into balance immune function, causing a reduction in immune-mediated pain and inflammation.”

The Department of Health and Human Services has a patent on cannabinoids – the Denver Post did an article on this.  You can search the National Institutes of Health or Google Scholar to find research for cannabinoids like CBD.

Did you know that cannabinoids like CBD can be found all throughout the plant kingdom?

At That’s Natural, we believe in your natural and constitutional right to consume naturally-derived cannabinoids and terpenes that exist in plants even beyond cannabis or hemp!  That’s Food and Medicine FREEDOM!

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