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Why CBD Is Being Used Topically – And Why it Belongs In Your Skin Care Products!

That’s Natural topical products are great for a variety of applications!  You are pre-wired with an Endocannabinoid System to be responsive to cannabinoids like CBD.  That’s Natural full spectrum CBD hemp oil is available at our Life Force Market in the Aspen Valley, right outside of Basalt! CBD hemp cream, hemp cream, cbd rich, cbd rich hemp cream, CBD salve, CBD lotion, CBD oil – see more at www.cbdoil.life and @cbdhempoil @thatsnatural #aspen #basalt #carbondale #glenwoodsprings #skincare #spas #spaday #psoriasis #eczema #acne #beauty #essentialoils #holistic

Topical CBD products are becoming more and more popular among doctors, athletes, as well as your typical, every day person. In a pair of articles by Shape Magazine: CBD – infused topical creams are highlighted, explained how they work, the science behind it, and the obstacles of it.

After a brief explanation of what CBD is, Gregory Gerdeman, Ph.D., neurophysiologist who researches cannabinoid biology and pharmacology at Eckerd College in Saint Petersburg, FL says, “When it comes to cannabis-based topicals for muscle soreness or other pain relief, there’s absolutely no reason why it should be a big deal to try.”

“Endocannabinoids are natural signals in your body that help maintain homeostasis by detecting and regulating hunger, pain, mood, and memory. CBD helps elevate your natural levels of pain-relieving endocannabinoids by blocking metabolism as they’re moving around your body.

The second method of pain relief centers around the damage you do when you work out. When you strength train, you create micro-tears in your muscles, which is why you feel sore as you heal. Once your immune cells detect damage, they release inflammatory mediators in order to repair the tissue. CBD, though has the ability to limit the release of some proinflammatory signals, thereby helping with pain without thwarting the healing entirely, Gerdeman explains.

Finally, you have receptors called TrpV1 that detect and regulate your body temperature. When activated, they put out heat, soothing your pain receptors. Using this channel, CBD makes these pain receptors hyperactive for a period of time, causing them to get hot, desensitizing them and downregulating those pain-sensing nerve endings.”

The challenge of using these products? Finding a reliable, pure, potent, product. “If you have three products that say 1 percent CBD infused in coconut oil, one could be great and the other two could be crap—that’s the reality of cannabis medicine right now,” Gerdeman says. In a separate article by Shape Magazine, it states:

“Hempseed oil is an outstanding emollient ingredient and it contains high levels of fatty acids, which hydrate and soothe inflamed skin,” says Joshua Zeichner, M.D., assistant clinical professor at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. “It can be used to treat a variety of conditions, ranging from dry skin to eczema.”

A 2014 study in The Journal of Clinical Investigation found that CBD may be an effective acne treatment, due to its anti-inflammatory effects and ability to reduce sebum.


That’s Natural products contain cannabinoids and terpenes which makes them full spectrum. Each one of us has an endocannabinoid system,  which is fueled by these cannabinoids and terpenes. The combination of these compounds help to provide what is known as the entourage effect. By providing pure, potent, and trusted products, That’s Natural continues to strive to meet our customers needs – something we have been doing for over ten years! With 100% traceability of where our hemp comes from, you can be confident in what you are putting on, or in, your body. For more questions regarding our CBD products, please visit our Questions and Answers page.

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