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CBD and Children’s Brain Tumors

Could CBD (Cannabidiol) be a potential treatment for children's brain tumors?  News and research from That's Natural at www.cbdoil.life

Brain tumors can come in many sizes and shapes, but many of them are diagnosed due to seizures. There is now evidence that cannabidiol (CBD) cannot only help with seizures, but with the actual tumor as well. These tumors have to be one of the most devastating issues parents have to deal with.

This study, from 2004, shows that cannabinoids do indeed possess antitumor properties. CBD was the focus of this study, because of the psychoactivity of some other cannabinoids. Several results were found that provided evidence to the benefits of CBD. For the first time, it was shown that the antiproliferative effect of CBD was correlated to induction of apoptosis (the scheduled death of harmful cells – the process of cells “committing suicide”). CBD was also administered to mice, which had been implanted with human glioma cells (the cells of a tumor that occurs in the brain), and CBD was shown to significantly inhibit the growth of these cells. As the study concluded:

“The nonpsychoactive CBD was able to produce a significant antitumor activity both in vitro and in vivo, thus suggesting a possible application of CBD as an antineoplastic agent.”

While this evidence is cause for optimism, there aren’t any human tests that were conducted. However, just this month, William Hunt, a four-year-old boy with brain cancer, found remarkable success. As this article in The Guardian points out, William’s tumor, which was the size of a golf ball at diagnosis, was only 1/3 of that size just six months after taking CBD. Before this treatment of CBD, his parents were hopeless.

William’s father, Steve, said: “We were told halfway through 2016 that nothing more could be done for William. We couldn’t bear to accept the news and decided to look into alternative treatments.

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