Research on CBD (Cannabidiol)

Cannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System – Tumors and Cancer

CBD or Cannabidiol is a powerful natural plant compound that research is showing to be anti-tumor and have possible applications for

We probably all know someone that has suffered from cancer at some point in our life. It is a ferocious disease that often has devastating impacts on individuals, families, and even societies. Cancer claims nearly 40% of it’s victims, according to the National Cancer Institute. Additionally, it is expected that 39.6% of men and women will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime.

So, can cannabinoids, and specifically cannabidiol (CBD), play a role in minimizing these numbers? This 2006 study found that of the five cannabinoids tested, cannabidiol (CBD) was the most potent inhibitor of cancer cell growth. Additionally, the study found the following to be true:

“At least for MDA-MB-231 cells, however, our experiments indicate that cannabidiol effect is due to its capability of inducing apoptosis via: direct or indirect activation of cannabinoid CB(2) and vanilloid transient receptor potential vanilloid type-1 receptors and cannabinoid/vanilloid receptor-independent elevation of intracellular Ca(2+) and reactive oxygen species. Our data support the further testing of cannabidiol and cannabidiol-rich extracts for the potential treatment of cancer.”

While the study above was more focused on breast cancer, there are studies like this one from 2011 that show similar results for those with prostate cancer. This study concluded that:

Cannabinoid receptor agonists induce phosphatases and phosphatase-dependent apoptosis in cancer cell lines; however, the role of the CB receptor in mediating this response is ligand-dependent.

Both of these studies reference apoptotic occurrences – a process that marks cells for scheduled death. It is sometimes said that these cells then “commit suicide” after being marked. Clearly, there is evidence showing that cannabinoids, and specifically CBD can be helpful to those with cancer.

Lastly, another study showed how CBD and other cannabinoids may be helpful in treating cancer pain. In this double-blind study, CBD was shown to reduce the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) by more than 30% when compared to the placebo. In conclusion the study states:

This study shows that THC:CBD extract is efficacious for relief of pain in patients with advanced cancer pain not fully relieved by strong opioids.

Here at That’s Natural, our cannabidiol (CBD) rich oil is a full spectrum oil. This means that it contains not just CBD but other helpful cannabinoids and terpenes. These cannabinoids and terpenes work together with our endocannabinoid system, which all humans have, and may relieve many of the symptoms that occur from certain issues in a natural way. Being in business for over 10 years, That’s Natural believes in providing pure, potent, and trusted products. That’s why we provide 100% traceability of where our hemp comes from! For more questions regarding our CBD products, please visit our Questions and Answers page.

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