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CBD for Pain Management – Why Cannabinoids Can Work


Pain Relief from That's Natural, V1

Cannabinoids, like the non-psychotropic CBD (Cannabidiol – cannot get the user “high”) have been researched for decades for their wide ranging applications for health and wellness.  From immune system disorders, to neurodegenerative disorders, to cancer – cannabinoids like CBD have been shown to have effects on a human’s Endocannabinoid System.

How can CBD work for so many different ailments?  You will see the wide range of applications from a simple Google search – or a search of the National Institutes of Health Website.  Anxiety, Skin Issues, Inflammation, Pain Management – the list is large and growing.

How in the world can something so simple like CBD (albeit not that simple, really) affect so many different issues – how can it be effective?  We believe the answer is in our Endocannabinoid System – where we already have receptors in our bodies that are accepting and responsive to cannabinoids.  Working with our immune system and nervous system – if we fix our bodies’ ability to heal – it can pick and choose what exactly needs to be healed.  Our bodies are designed to heal – we just have to give it the tools to do such.

At That’s Natural, we believe in the Entourage Effect – and the ability for our body to use both cannabinoids and terpenes to heal itself.  Our premium CBD-rich products are produced from the whole plant – using supercritical CO2 extraction that preserves these precious naturally occurring compounds of the plant.

Healing is simple matter, if we give our bodies the tools to do what it was naturally made to do.  High quality non-psychotropic CBD products are offering consumers a healthful and natural choice and alternative to synthesized medicines.  At That’s Natural, we encourage this development and strive to protect our customers’ and country’s Food and Medicine Freedom!

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