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5 Ways (and More) that CBD Can Improve Your Health

How can CBD improve your health?  Cannabinoids for the Endocannabinoid System from Thats Natural at www.cbdoil.life

A growing body of research coupled with thousands of individuals’ testimonies from around the world are bringing to light the power of CBD for health and wellness.

This article from Civilized, “5 Ways CBD Can Improve Health“, summarizes several of the ways that this non-psychotropic (doesn’t get you “high”) cannabinoid from cannabis or hemp is saving peoples’ quality of life:

1. Anti-Tumor Properties

2. Anti-Anxiety Properties

3. Anti-Seizure/Anti-Convulsion Properties

4. Antioxidant Properties

5. Neuroprotective Properties

Researchers, scientists, and individuals from around the world are turning towards a natural plant that has been used for thousands of years for health and healing – hemp (cannabis).  Hemp that is grown in the United States is legal to purchase and sell in all 50 States.  Be sure and do you due diligence and research when finding a CBD product to suit your needs!


That’s Natural is Pure, Potent, and Trusted… Here’s Why:


That’s Natural’s CBD-rich hemp oil products have 100% traceability – meaning that we know exactly where the hemp for our high quality products is being grown.  We personally know the farmers, who use both organic and biodynamic farming practices to bring you a pure, safe, and effective product.


Our products are full-spectrum and whole-plant derived, meaning that we have both a full cannabinoid and terpene profile in our our CBD-rich hemp oil.  This contributes to the Entourage Effect and we believe is the most potent and effective means of preserving the products’ effects.


That’s Natural, as a company, has been in business for over ten years.  We are a privately held company – NOT a corporate entity or a “pump and dump” penny-stock company that has unknown shareholders and questionable business practices.  We care very much our customers, and we are dedicated to them.  Tisha Casida, CEO of That’s Natural, has worked with farmers and producers for over 10 years and is a firm advocate and supporter of Food and Medicine Freedom.  You can hear the testimonials from our customers here.


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