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Former Major League Baseball Pitcher – CBD for Athletes


Recently players in the NFL have spoken to applications of CBD, and now former major league baseball pitcher David Wells is agreeing.

From The Post Game:

“For years, Wells says he was like many athletes who took painkillers such as Percocet on a regular basis: Sometimes after surgery. Sometimes just to get through another start while dealing with the grind of pitching. Sometimes recreationally. He continued using these painkillers even after he ended his 21-year MLB career in 2007. Then he tried CBD (cannabidiol), and Wells says he hasn’t touched an opioid since.”

Cannabinoids’ (like CBD) wide spectrum of applications is based on the endogenous cannabinoid receptors that we all have in our bodies – also called the Endocannabinoid System.  Cannabidiol, or CBD, is especially interesting because it is non-psychoactive and can have both topical as well as internal uses.  This allows for CBD products to be used on people who have sensitives, reservations, or other reasons to not want psychoactive effects from THC-based products.

Dr. Allan Frankel, one of the leaders in cannabis medicine, said in the article:

“Safety: We can’t knock our brains around and not try something. CBD, as it has been patented for neuro-protection, we know it helps healing concussions and so many other disorders, why in the world would we not give CBD to our professional athletes? To me, we’re going to be looking back at this, and history is going to show that the right path was putting people that are batting their heads against other batted heads on CBD is the most rational thing we could think of… Currently, if you’re a solider in Israel and you have a head injury in the battlefield, you get CBD on the battlefield.”

That’s Natural is exited to be a part of bringing common-sense discussions and premium CBD-rich hemp oil products to people who are interested in trying natural plant-based alternatives versus synthesized medicines that can often have negative side-effects.

Be sure and know what type of product you are getting.  That’s Natural is Pure, Potent, and Trusted.



Our CBD-rich hemp oil products have 100% traceability – meaning that we know exactly where the hemp for our high quality products is being grown.  We personally know the farmers, who use both organic and biodynamic farming practices to bring you a pure, safe, and effective product.


We are a full-spectrum and whole plant product, meaning that we have both a full cannabinoid profile and terpenes in our our CBD-rich hemp oil.  This contributes to the Entourage Effect and we believe is the most potent and effective means of preserving the products’ effects.


That’s Natural, as a company, has been in business for over ten years.  We are a privately held company – NOT a corporate entity or a “pump and dump” penny-stock company that has unknown shareholders and questionable business practices.  We care very much our customers, and we are dedicated to them.  Tisha Casida, CEO of That’s Natural, has worked with farmers and producers for over 10 years and is a firm advocate and supporter of Food and Medicine Freedom.  You can hear the testimonials from our customers here.

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