CBD Hemp Oil

That’s Natural CBD Man Graphic – Cannabinoids Research


Research from around the world is showing the immense potential uses for cannabinoids like CBD.  From anxiety, pain relief, inflammation, atherosclerosis, bone growth and more – cannabinoids from non-psychoactive hemp can be of a huge benefit to human health and well-being.

Each of us has an ‘Endocannabinoid System‘ – meaning that we are each “pre-wired” to be responsive to cannabinoids like CBD.  The breadth of research – covering a wide-range of ailments – seems to prove that cannabinoids may have large potential for both treating as well as preventing many diseases and disorders.

That’s Natural stands for transparency and honesty in its products and practices.  We care very much about our customers and are dedicated to sourcing CBD-rich hemp oil from farmers in Colorado who use organic and biodynamic farming practices.

You can see video of our farms and farmers here – don’t forget to ask these four important questions when seeking out a quality CBD product!

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