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My Attempt to Re-Mineralize My Teeth and Heal Cavities, Days 1-3

Healing Teeth Naturally V1

A really bad trip to the dentist has made me want to walk the walk when it comes to holistic alternatives for dental care.  I have been warned that I have a cavity that is going to need a root canal (I really don’t want any more of these, and am pretty sad that I ever got one, not to mention having to get a tooth pulled because something went horribly wrong when I got a cavity re-filled).  I don’t want to have to do these things if at all possible.

I have done quite a bit of reading online, but have been familiar with Dr. Weston Price and the wonderful book “Nourishing Traditions” that was given to me by a very dear friend many years ago.  Having a “raw milk” share on and off for the past 7 years has also contributed to my awareness – but now it is time to get serious.

So, here is what I am trying, so far:

1. Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil every morning of the week.

2. Adding high-quality bone broths to my diet.

3. Adding fermented cod liver oil to my diet.

3. Eating less wheat.

4. Eating less nuts.

I am really just a couple days in, but let me tell you my observations so far:

A. Bone broth, although a broth, is quite filling and can be a nice “sipping” addition if you are an avid tea-drinker like myself.  It is easy to warm up and have here by the computer, and is doing your body justice in many different ways.  This week I tried the Kettle & Fire brand.

B. Fermented cod liver oil is really quite awful to taste.  I got the “chocolate” flavored one – and let me tell you – it is a good idea to have multiple chasing substances, because you just can’t take the fish out of fish oil.  But so far I am extremely happy with the quality and how quickly my order arrived (thank you Green Pasture!).

C. Oil pulling sounds difficult to do, but after a couple days, you can really get in the habit of it, and make it part of your morning routine.  Plus, since you are swishing away and not able to talk – it is a great excuse not to chat up your loved ones and instead meditate on your healing (you can chat them up later – my loved ones are happy to have me with my mouth shut for awhile).

Let’s see how this goes – more updates later this week!

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