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Push for CBD Research Gains Traction & NFL Support

Football Player Catching Ball, V1

Even the NFL is starting to recognize the important uses of non-psychoactive CBD for players who suffer from pain and injuries.

Most recently, Eugene Monroe who played for the Baltimore Ravens donated $80,000 for research studies into the potential benefits for players.

Jake Plummer, a former Broncos quarterback, has also actively advocated for studies.  And on June 2nd, The NFL’s executive vice president of player health and safety sat down to talk to Plummer and Monroe about the subject.

We all know it can be a long road to bringing common sense discussions to large companies, organizations and government, but as more and more individuals stand up for what they believe in – change does take place.

That’s Natural is proud and excited to be a part of that journey.  We have customers from all over the country that have done their own research and are using non-psychoactive components of cannabis/hemp to combat pain.  We encourage you to do your research and ask these four important questions about any product that you may buy.

Pure. Potent. Trusted.  That’s Natural!

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