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Former Denver Broncos Quarterback Using CBD Oil for Pain Management

Football Helmet with TN Logo, V2

CBD and other cannabinoids (also called phytocannabinoids) in hemp can have beneficial effects for many people affected by many different ailments – even former NFL players!

The beauty of CBD and cannabinoids lies in their direct attachment with our Endocannabinoid System – present in humans and all mammals.  Our Endocannabinoid System has cannabinoid receptors, so that we are basically ‘pre-wired’ to be receptive to cannabinoids like CBD.  Many of these receptors are found in immune system and nervous system.

Former Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer is seeing the easing of daily pain caused by the rough contact sport, using CBD Oil.

CBD from hemp is legal to purchase and sell in all 50 States, and more and more people are looking to cannabis/hemp as a natural alternative to other pharmaceutical drugs that can come with many negative side effects.  With a high-quality CBD product, there is no known toxicity and no psychoactive effects (no “high”) – just be sure you know where the hemp is being grown and make sure that it is a trusted and reliable resource.

We hope you will look and see what our customers are saying and consider trying That’s Natural for your CBD-rich hemp oil product!

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