Let’s Starting Asking Why and Acting Now – Cancer

Start Asking Why - 4x4

We talk about cures, we talk about hope, we talking about ‘fighting back’.  We raise money for cures, we raise money for hope, we raise money to pay our doctors and scientists and to fight back.  At That’s Natural, we also want to start asking “WHY”?  And we want you to start spending money on small, local farmers that do so much to protect our lives and bodies.

Why are there more and more types and forms of cancer affecting more and more people, even those  little souls that have just been born?  Why does cancer form in a human body – in an animal’s body?  What are the environmental factors that create these situations and how can we change THESE to stop cancer from ever starting.  I am glad for cures, but would be even more excited to see people healthy with strong and resilient immune systems.

Asking Why

There’s a lot of places to start.  This week I am especially frustrated with the noxious artificial fragrances that tend to infiltrate ALL of our air spaces – at home and at work (we can stop buying this stuff and use essential oils instead).  Our water, the largest part of our bodies – has been polluted with fluoride, chlorine, even trace amounts of pharmaceutical chemicals (but there are ways to change this).  After air and water comes the soil – and many large tracts of agricultural land have been drained of their nutrients, the soil’s microbiome is lost, the healthy nutrient-giving dirt from farming holistically – versus the mono-crop culture that lures farmers to get big or sell versus create a living for themselves (and SO many regulations help this happen) – is depleted (but we can revive the health of our land).

Acting Now

One of the greatest things that we can do is find, support, and purchase from local farmers.  There is reason for optimism with a re-emerging culture of CSAs and small farms that maximize symbiotic relationships between plants, animals, and natural cycles.  It is a win-win-win.  You win by getting food that actually has nutrients, that has been grown in soil that stays healthy, from someone who really cares about the environment.  The farmer wins by having the financial support that they need to create a living for themselves and their loved ones.  The land wins by having a more loving and affectionate approach attune to its cycles, which is smarter policy for generations to come.

– Tisha Casida

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  1. Thank you for this article Tisha.

    We have in Europe one problem and I bet, you have it in USA too. We have limits for pesticides, how many of the pesticide can be found in our food. For every type of pesticides. Problem is, that limits are too low, that it is not enough for farmers. So they do not use just one pesticide, but they use a coctail of pesticides. Then the product comes to the laboratory for test. The test results say, that every one of the pesticide is in the limit, but probably nobody is interested about the complete coctail…

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