Food Freedom

Hey Michigan, Leave Small Farmers Alone!


Just one more incident where big government is getting in between individuals and their natural right to consume real, farm-raised food from actual human (and humane) farmers.

The owners of Hill High Dairy (Joe and Brenda Golimbieski) and My Family Co-op (Jenny Samuelson) were forced to destroy (in front of Michigan officials) 100 dozen eggs, 248 gallons of milk, in addition to the fresh cream, cheese, and butter made from their farms.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) threaten to arrest Samuelson for “selling food without a license”.  Now, since the farm is a co-op, people own shares and had agreements to show their ’share’ in the farm.  But the MDA declared such agreements invalid and forced the destruction of the food – that actually nourishes the shareholders whose freedom of contract was blatantly assaulted by big government.

If I, Tisha Casida, decide that I want to bear all of the risk associated with eating food from a local farm, including risks associated with drinking unpasteurized milk, and un-bleached eggs – and if I show that willingness through a contract with the farmer (freedom of contract) saying that I want their products – then the government really needs to get its nose out of MY decision.

That is what we call “Food Freedom”.  The same goes for natural plant-based medicines – since plants existed long before the American government and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Human beings have a right to use those plant-based medicines without the interference from government agencies that stops their ability to consume such.  That is Medicine Freedom.

We can stand up to the lunacy, especially through our local government officials, who can in fact protect our natural, constitutional rights.  An example of this comes from Sedgwick, Maine where citizens declared their Food Freedom and are protecting farmers’ rights to sell to individuals and protecting individuals rights to purchase and consume that food.

Join That’s Natural to protect YOUR Food and Medicine Freedom!

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  1. Wow I had no idea this was going on!! That is awful. I’m from Michigan and I buy my food from the local sparrows co-op but I’m not sure where their suppliers are located. I’m pretty sure the are mostly local though…

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