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That's Natural CBD Oil - Legal in all 50 States

As a marketing executive, it is always interesting to see the numerous methods that companies take to sell products.  It doesn’t matter what type of product – but especially for food and what you put in and on your body – making claims or not making pertinent information available, is always a sign for concern.

With the steady growth of interest in cannabinoids from hemp (especially Cannabidiol (CBD), one of over 85 phytocannabinoids found in the hemp or cannabis plant), I can see many companies taking advantage of the marketing ‘craze’.  And although some of these companies are reputable and I am sure that their customers are happy – there are a portion of companies who seem like they may be taking advantage of people.  And I hate that.

So, when you are looking for a product to try, that is rich in CBD or phytocannabinoids, I plead with you to ask these four questions – to ensure that what you are getting is what you are expecting.  Most importantly, I think it is important to “know your farmer” and know where your food is coming from.  At That’s Natural, we have 100% transparency and 100% traceability.  That means that you can know exactly where your product is coming from.  These pictures are from the 2015 harvest in Southeastern Colorado, and soon we will be able to show you the plants being planted for the 2016 Season!

In Food and Medicine Freedom,

Tisha Casida

That's Natural CBD Oil



Thats Natural CBD Oil


That's Natural CBD Oil - Legal in All 50 States
That's Natural CBD Oil - Legal in all 50 States
Thats Natural CBD Oil - Legal in all 50 States


You can purchase our CBD-rich hemp oil online here!


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