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Colorado Hospital Treating Baby with Hemp Oil

Stethescope with website

For the first time, the Children’s Hospital in Colorado is publicly treating one of its baby patients with a CBD-rich hemp oil.  And the parents are excited to see the improvements and changes in their baby Amylea.  You can read more about their story here.

There are many products available in the marketplace that claim to have high levels of CBD – the key is to make sure you are purchasing a product that comes from hemp (which is legal to buy and sell in all 50 States through the federal Farm Bill of 2014) and to make sure that you know where that hemp is grown (most CBD is imported from other countries, with no traceability or transparency of growing practices).

That’s Natural prides itself on the quality of our CBD-rich hemp oil products that are made with a 60:1 genetic strain of hemp, and has 100% traceability – being grown in Colorado and regulated through the Colorado Department of Agriculture.  Pure, Potent, Trusted…. That’s Natural!

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