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CBD Hemp Oil Testimonial – Anxiety

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“I was first diagnosed with epilepsy at age 22, shortly after completing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  It turned out that I had a fairly mild form of the disease, and only dealt with an actual seizure occurring once every 3-4 months and generally in the mornings while I’m still in bed.  Though it isn’t illegal in this State (Colorado) for those with epilepsy to operate a motor vehicle, and the nature of my seizures did not make me worry about an accident, it was the general anxiety caused by the constant worry about when the next one might occur that got in the way of my ability to function socially, as well as to complete all the duties of my very public-oriented job providing care-coordination services in the behavioral health care field.   During this time, I tried many medical strategies and alternative cures to help deal with this anxiety.  Ironically, the anti-anxiety medication I was prescribed by doctors couldn’t be taken to relieve anxiety, as it would make my anti-epilepsy drugs less effective.

It turned out that being in public places significantly increased these anxiety symptoms and right around the time I was becoming completely agoraphobic, that I discovered That’s Natural! CBD Hemp Oil being sold at a festival I was attending.  I had previously heard about the various positive effects of the hemp plant and of cannabidiol in general, but had never thought to use it to help with my own symptoms.

After several weeks of supplementing with their CBD tincture, these general feelings of anxiety about having a breakthrough seizure and of being in public in general dissipated, and I can confidently say that I no longer deal with these feelings of anxiety and comfortably complete all of my work duties without any complications, as well as go see a movie or concert once in a while without feeling uncomfortable and counting the minutes until it’s time to leave.  It also appears that the frequency and intensity of seizures that do occur periodically have significantly decreased, as well as more/better sleep and am able to fall asleep more quickly and wake up feeling more rested than before.

I plan on continued daily use of That’s Natural! CBD Hemp Oil and am excited to find out about new products and innovations in the field that continue to be made.”

– Mitch Vance


See more testimonials at www.cbdoil.life!

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