CBD Hemp Oil

Testimonial – GI Issues, Blood Pressure, and Health

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“I had been thinking of cbd’s for some time, and wanted to learn more about them. I’ve had a number of chronic health issues for years. All of them require meds, which typically make at least one of the other conditions worse. There is a  long list of side effects that come with each of them as well. A friend uses this product so I decided to get serious and research it more, and then tried a bottle. My results were not immediate, but amazing once it started working. I’m a skeptic, so I started and stopped the oil numerous times since then, just to ensure the improvement was a truly from this product. The results have been dramatic. My severe GI issues required 560mgs of just one of my prescribed meds each week. This was about four times more than the average person. There were a long list of side effects, and they were not always effective. Now, I take only 40-80mgs each week. The headaches I was having daily are down to an all time low in more than 5 years and are no longer daily. My blood pressure and heart rate have also significantly improved as well.”
~Lori Rafferty
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