Hemp Isn’t Pot – It’s Just Not

Hemp Isn't Pot 1

That’s Natural was founded in 2005 as a marketing company with the desire to educate and inform consumers about their Food and Medicine Freedom.  As marketers and promoters, we know how it is possible for marketing and media to be used for nefarious means.  We aim to provide an alternative to that.

Along with the ‘Drug War’ that actually created more problems and more criminals for society, came the negative connotation of words associated with cannabis.  Marijuana (or ‘Marihuana’) was a name used to make the cannabis plant seem negative – another word that can get connected to cannabis is ‘Pot’ – automatically making many people thing of a psychedelic rainbow of colors encased in a cloud of smoke.

But let’s be honest – cannabis is a plant, and cannabis as a plant (and medicine) has been around for thousands of years in the world and hundreds of years in the United States.  Hemp is a word used to refer to the cannabis plant – especially when that plant is grown for its fiber or oil – not its THC, the cannabinoid that gets you “high”.  Hemp isn’t pot, or what is referred to as ‘pot’.  Hemp isn’t marijuana.

Hemp strains grown that are genetically superior, with higher amounts of CBD (versus THC) – are not ‘marijuana’ and are not ‘pot’.  You can see our hemp fields in Colorado, that are regulated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture – no guns, no DEA agents, no violence.  Just beautiful hemp plants growing – this is not pot – or what media may refer to as ‘pot’.

As more people decide for themselves to use their Food and Medicine Freedom, and consume cannabis as a product to enhance their health and well-being – we will see more words used to describe and explain this plant.  The important thing to remember is, what the plant really is.  And at That’s Natural, our plants are always hemp – high ratio CBD hemp plants (60:1 ratio), that are making an unbelievable different in so many peoples’ lives.

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