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Leave These CBD Sisters Alone!

The Care of Human Life, Thomas Jefferson Quote

As more people feel therapeutic benefits from hemp and cannabis – why are we fighting the innocent people who make products out of this plant?

Bureaucracy can not only cause headaches, it can also stop nuns from doing sisterly good.  In Merced, California that is exactly what is happening thanks to a “drafting error” in the most recent revision to the medical marijuana law.

Sister Kate and Sister Darcey produce salves and tonics with the non-psychoactive cannabinoids of cannabis or hemp called CBD.  They have a YouTube channel and a following – and now are fighting to keep their operations running.

This begs the question – why do governments fight so hard to stop people from doing good?  We don’t have issues with common-sense regulation and taxation.  The issue is when a business that produces beneficial products and generates revenue is stopped in its tracks from poorly written laws or regulations.

That’s Natural advocates for Food and Medicine Freedom – you, as a consumer, have a right to make choices for yourself if you want to use plant-based products for your health and wellness.  As consumers, we have more power that any legislator, to bring common sense policy to the forefront to protect our health and quality of life.

As Sister Kate says so beautifully, “Embrace, regulate, and tax, that’s all we want them to do”.  Embrace that California.

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