Making A Conscious Choice When It Comes to Chicken

Conscious Chicken 4x4

Yesterday, I made the mistake of thinking that I could order a dish with chicken and get a chicken product that actually tasted (and felt) like chicken.  Somewhere in my naiveté, I thought that this would happen, or has changed.  The industrial food complex, however, is not a machine of conscious change.  The chicken I ordered had a strange rubbery feel in my mouth, and barely resembled what I know chicken is supposed to taste like.  It made my stomach hurt, and I threw it out after 2 unfortunate bites.

The industrial food complex is a machine of money-change.  We can lobby and create laws trying to enforce change, but, at the end of the day – it is how we act as consumers – conscious change – that really makes a difference in the marketplace and economy.  How we consciously spend our money is how we change the industrial food complex.  This means that we have the absolute power to change how agriculture works through how we eat.

I am going to honor myself and my body and never order a meat-dish from a restaurant that does not truly support locally (and I mean American) raised, humanely-raised, minimally processed meat.  I have had it, I am done.

For ten years I have been able to eat delicious natural, organic, and locally/humanely-raised meats – that I trust and that actually nourish my body.  How different it is to eat meats that are real – it is a completely different and healthful experience for my body and it is a powerful way to support family farmers and humane agricultural practices.  It’s not easy to change, and I have been pretty proud of what I have done up to this date – but yesterday was the last straw for ever thinking that meat, from any large chain restaurant, is safe or beneficial to eat.

Statistic:  2,892,851,000 chickens slaughtered in 2015 in the United States


“Chickens in the meat industry typically spend their lives confined to warehouse-like buildings, each packed with as many as 20,000 chickens. On average, the space per chicken is only slightly larger than a sheet of letter-size paper. This crowding can result in scratches and sores from the birds being forced to walk all over each other.”


Don’t be afraid of eating meat – let’s just make an effort to search out more local, more humane choices!

By: Tisha Casida

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