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Spinster Sisters All-Natural Deodorant

Spinster Sisters Deoderant

I have not worn deodorant for 8 years.

Okay, just kidding, I have worn deodorants, made from natural ingredients for the past 8 years – because I was shocked and horrified to learn about the noxious aluminum that comes standard in most antiperspirants and deodorants.

Perspiring is a natural process (albeit a stinky one), that actually helps your body to detox.  The problem for those of us who choose the all-natural route, is that natural deodorants don’t work.  At all.  Trust me – I have tried nearly every brand on the health food store shelf.

Until NOW.  At the Backcountry Herbal Apothecary in Frisco, Colorado, I found the Spinster Sisters company that produces a myriad of products, but also a natural deodorant (I got the Lavender Lime).  I picked one up, thinking I would try it, and to my surprise it is the most effective product I have ever used.

I don’t want to go into extensive detail – but trust me – as a female who is either working hard, suited up, or running – I am very pleased with the effectiveness, safety, and locality of this fine product!

Tisha Casida

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