CBD Hemp Oil

Good New Wisconsin – Hemp Products Already Legal in all 50 States!

wisconsin flag waves in the breeze

It is exciting to see lawmakers waking up to common sense food and medicine policies across the country.  In Wisconsin, phytocannabinoid-rich products, including Cannabidiol (CBD) are being “allowed” for people to try as long as the THC levels are under the federally mandated level of 0.3%.


Many people find obtaining products difficult – but that is only in the case of marijuana – which is regulated completely differently than hemp.  Specific strains and genetics of hemp can also be very high in phytocannabinoids – including Cannabidiol – or CBD.


So, good news Wisconsin!  You can easily and quickly obtain CBD-based products from companies that are deriving such from hemp!  Be sure and ask these four critical questions, and we hope you consider trying our Premium CBD-rich hemp oil products from That’s Natural!

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