CBD Hemp Oil

The Synergy Between Freedom, Agriculture, and CBD from Hemp

2014 Farm Bill Food and Medicine Freedom

As more awareness grows about the many applications of hemp (a type of cannabis) – not only for food, fuel, and fiber, but also as a nutritional food and product – we start to understand and appreciate the link between freedom, supporting local agriculture, and health.

In this article, where Bill Downing is interviewed, the explicit differences between cannabinoids that are psychoactive versus those that are not (like CBD or Cannabidiol) and the applications of these products (that come from hemp) are highlighted. Downing is the president of The Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition (MassCann), which is the state affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of the Marijuana Laws (NORML).

The revolution that is sweeping the country – bringing more common sense, awareness, and education to the marketplace about the non-psychoactive uses of cannabis/hemp – is not something brand new. Cannabis and hemp have been grown and used all over the world for thousands of years – and many native peoples and tribes have used many plant-based medicines (including those from cannabis/hemp) with success – way before the introduction of federal regulatory agencies.

Freedom, in it’s purest sense, is the right to choose. As societies ‘evolve’, sometimes laws are created to protect people from dangerous consequences, however, those laws may often become muddied and end up stopping people from being able to make choices for themselves about simple things – like what they want to eat, drink, and use as medicine.

That’s Natural has been an advocate for Food and Medicine Freedom for ten years, and we continue to be energized by the common-sense policies taking shape at the State level of governments across the country. The 2014 Farm Bill’s creation of hemp programs in several States, including Colorado – have started a model for how hemp, as an agricultural commodity, can be regulated by State Departments of Agriculture – and safely and effectively bring to market hemp-based products.

You have a constitutional and natural right to choose your food, and take plant-based medicines. By supporting local agriculture, and making these choices for yourself – you play an integral part in bringing more awareness and support to the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy in this country. When investigating a CBD-based product, be sure and ask these very important four questions.

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