CBD Hemp Oil

Why Choose Our Colorado-Grown Hemp for your CBD Oil?

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More and more press will be given to the potential healing properties of CBD, or Cannabidiol, and as more companies and products come to market, it is imperative that you become educated as a consumer.


Most all CBD products that are on the shelf, or that are available online to purchase today, are made with hemp that is grown in foreign countries.  Some companies claim that their product is “organically grown”, and although there is the opportunity that this is the case, one must remember that other countries often have different farming practices and different qualifications for what is deemed organic (not to mention the fact that it may be just a word used for marketing purposes, and that the company bringing this CBD to market has no idea where the product is coming from).


Hemp has often been grown as a crop that will “clean” the soil, and so if hemp is grown in countries with contamination in their soil (e.g. China’s heavy metal contents in its soil from air pollution), the hemp that is grown there could very well be laden with heavy metals.  China is one of the world’s largest importers of hay (made from alfalfa) – that they use to feed their cattle.  Why?  Because the alfalfa that has been grown in China in the past had made the cattle sick.  This should be a warning to anyone who is thinking about taking a CBD or Cannabidiol product that comes from any country that may have ground contamination – the soil where your hemp is grown is just as important as any other factor when it comes to the purity of your product.


There are also many domestic companies, claiming that they are growing their own hemp – when you hear this – be sure and ask questions about where and how.  Do they have pictures of their fields?  Do they have video?  Are they open and transparent and do they allow their customers to see the fields?  Such questions must be asked – because we live in a world of opportunists – who may use the ‘CBD buzz’ to get you to buy something, but they may not necessarily care about your health and well-being and long-term satisfaction with the product.


That’s Natural has our four critical questions that we want you to ask of any CBD product.  Of course we hope you will be impressed with our site and our level of transparency, and we would love to earn you as a customer.  We genuinely care about your health and safety – and want you to ask these questions and be aware of what you are putting in and on your body – regardless of what product or company you choose to purchase from.


Transparency – Honesty – Purity… That’s Natural!

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