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EPA Fails in Accountability to Navajo Nation with Gold King Mine Spill

Erin Brockovich is bringing awareness to the Gold King Mine leak that is continuing to have devastating impacts on Native American tribes and citizens downstream from the Animas River.

The spill, triggered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last month, has been a contentious topic, that is in deserve of more press and more attention because of the ramifications for all citizens.

The EPA, as a federal agency, is charged with protecting citizens from environmental damage.  With the excavation work being conducted by the EPA and its direct effect – causing millions of gallons of toxic mine waste to be let into the Animas River – what we would hope to see is an immediate accounting of the disaster and a set and detailed plan for how to help all of the people who are affected.  Instead, the EPA  has been unresponsive, specifically to the Navajo Nation, whose crops have went without water since the contamination.

From – “Navajo officials say the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the EPA have declined the tribe’s requests for continued help, including the appointment of a federal recovery coordinator.”

At That’s Natural, we understand the importance of protecting our earth and environment – we hope this highlights an example where (sometimes) large agencies, like the EPA, are in fact incapable of truly serving States and local constituencies – as a matter of fact – they may do more harm than good.  We hope that you will support local and State organizations that are working to help the people in Colorado and New Mexico that have been affected by this, and that all of us take a harder look at the EPA and its role in protecting our local environment.

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