Food Review

Tucker Reviews Zuke’s Z-Filets

Tucker with Z-Filets

At That’s Natural, our very own Tucker (find him on Twitter @TuckerWucker) likes to speak up about his natural dog treat adventures.  As a member of our family, he advocates for Food and Medicine Freedom for canines around the country.  He was happy to find this treat at our local Whole Foods, and wanted to share his review.

“These tasty and tempting Z-Filets from Zuke’s are TO ARF FOR! They make the perfect treat for every time that I do something good (which is all the time of course).  My Mommy likes to give me treats because she loves me, and she can feel good about giving me these treats because they are good for me too beyond just being delicious.  My Z-Filets (I tried the Grilled Beef Recipe) are Grain-Free and Made in the U.S.A – they are actually made in Colorado!  Which makes me love them even more!  Other ingredients include potatoes, maple syrup, garlic powder, rosemary, turmeric, and sage – all beneficial for my health and well-being.”

Tucker encourages all of dog-kind to investigate healthy and natural dog treats like Zuke’s Z-Filets!


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