CBD Hemp Oil

Are You Asking Questions About Your CBD?

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This is an exciting time for natural medicine – many healing properties are being noticed and promoted from the cannabis plant – especially that from hemp, a type of cannabis with no psychoactive effects.

Here’s an article talking about the ‘legal’ nature and availability of CBD in Myrtle Beach.

As more and more companies offer CBD, or Cannabidiol, products for sale, it is very important to ask these four questions, to ensure that you are getting what you pay for.

At That’s Natural, we believe that consumers have a right to Food and Medicine Freedom.  That means if there is a natural plant that can treat sickness and disease, that people have a right to choose that for themselves.

We believe in transparency, honesty, and purity.  That’s Natural is powered by Whole Hemp Company, and we are excited to share the entire process of our premium CBD, including the hemp plants that are being grown organically in Colorado!!

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