CBD Hemp Oil

Why Take Our CBD Oil Tincture Under Your Tongue?

CBD Q and A - Tincture, Sub-Lingualy

Does it matter?  We asked the Chief Scientific Officer who formulates our Premium CBD Oil Tincture from That’s Natural!  Here is what he said:


“The delivery via the sub-lingual (mucous membrane) is considered to be a promising alternative to the oral (ingestion) route. Sub-lingual route is useful when rapid onset of action is desired than ingestion would lead to. In the case of tinctures, part of the cannabinoids are absorbed into the blood stream through sub-lingual route and part of it slowly absorbs into the blood through gastric walls in stomach.


The result therefore, is an almost instantaneous effect on your body due to sub-lingual absorption (< 2 min) followed by a slightly delayed effect due to absorption through GI tract (~20 min), together leading to a significant and persistent benefit in the physiological system.”


– Raj Gupta, Chief Scientific Officer at Whole Hemp Company

At That’s Natural, we know how important it is to know EVERYTHING about the CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil that you are putting in and on your body.  We pride ourselves in transparency, and love to answer your questions!  Be sure and ask these four critical questions when purchasing your CBD Oil supplement!  Email us anytime at: info(at)cbdoil(dot)life!

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