Exploring Nikola Tesla and Alternative Energy

Nikola Tesla is one of the most amazing people to ever walk planet Earth.  At That’s Natural!, we want to celebrate his life, his vision, and the creative use of energy that could very well save the human race.

Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American, is best known for his contributions to AC (alternating current) power.  AC power differs from DC (direct current) power in that the current of energy in AC power can be easily converted to different voltages (direct current runs in a single direction, and cannot be easily changed).

What I am interested in researching, discovering, and promoting are some of Tesla’s investigations into electric current generation and wireless power transmission.  This partially stems from the Wardenclyffe Tower, began in 1901, in Shoreham, New York.  This building was soon destroyed after a myriad of issues regarding funding – but here at That’s Natural!, we are curious about why the complete destruction of this was necessary, when a property being destroyed does not necessarily satisfy financial debts.

Being always interested in conspiracies, and the idea that perhaps certain players in the United States government, with their very deep, domestic and international ties to the oil and gas industry, would not like competition to their money-generation, may have a lot to gain by hiding and attempting to destroy the work of Nikola Tesla.  And, in search of the truth, we will be exploring some of Tesla’s nearly 300 patents, in an effort to bring light and truth to our world.

In Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged, a motor able to operate with no fuel (a perpetual motion machine of sorts) is destroyed and seized by government bullies who would be horrified to have such an invention reach the world’s grasp.  Because if we were not dependent on government infrastructure for energy – can you imagine the possibilities that would exist for living and thriving in our community and society?  Independence starts with peace in our mind, and soon follows with the dream that we could have our own power sources, without depending on government or corrupted industry that controls our government.

Or maybe, I am crazy, like Mr. Tesla was so often deemed to be.  Or perhaps, incapable of explaining such wonderful science in words that are fit for others to understand, like the words of Viktor Schauberger, who shared ideas of energy generation that are clean, silent, and perpetual.

I believe in peace and I believe that starts with not being afraid of the consequences of telling the truth.  We are but micro bundles of atoms somehow sticking together, and to be motivated by fear does nothing for the soul or spirit, in my opinion.  So, we hope that you will enjoy taking this journey with us, and exploring the world of energy.

– Tisha Casida

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  1. hmm, Nikola Tesla – my favourite inventor. Own power source is a dream, which I have too, but I never found any useful Tesla’s notes, articles or patents, which could help me to find a principle. If something existed after Mr. Tesla died, it is classified as secret material, because all his property was confiscated by US government after Tesla died (because WW2). So it is Holy Grail for Tesla’s admirers. 🙂

    Anyway good luck and enjoy your research.

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