CBD Hemp Oil

Buyer Beware – Many CBD Supplements have No Cannabidiol

The Only CBD Product Guaranteed from CO

In working with the actual growers of hemp and learning about the extraction process, we were horrified to find out that many supplements claiming to have “CBD”, or Cannabidiol, have little or no CBD in them.  In addition to this, most every company on the market today uses hemp that is grown in other countries without the United States’ strict agricultural policies (especially in regards to heavy metals).


“It is up to the buyer to be aware of what they are actually getting in their supplement – just like it is up to the buyer to know where their food is coming from,” said Tisha Casida, founder of That’s Natural.


CBD oil supplements, made from industrial hemp are legal to purchase and sell in all 50 States (as evidenced by large, international marketplaces like Google and Amazon, that have an array of CBD hemp oil supplements and products).  “The issue is, that even if these products have CBD in them, which is questionable unless they are verified by a third party, many buyers don’t know where that hemp is coming from – and that can be dangerous or misleading to the consumer,” said Casida.


That’s Natural works directly with Whole Hemp Company, located in Colorado Springs, where the industrial hemp is grown and processed for the tincture that That’s Natural sells online and to retailers.  “We have advocated for food and medicine freedom for over a decade and want people to understand that it’s their responsibility to know about their CBD oil supplement – we pride ourselves on transparency, honesty, and a pure product that is having very positive results for our customers” said Ms. Casida.


To learn more about That’s Natural, as well as see research on Cannabidiol and related news stories, visit www.cbdoil.life.

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