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Just a Reminder - Vaccines Don't Always Work

More media is bringing attention to the idea that the the measles virus actually causes one’s body to “forget” immunity to other diseases, so then by having the measles vaccine, this stops the virus from causing other diseases.

Except that, inside the measles vaccine IS the measles virus… the whole point of vaccines is to induce reactions to the virus and create an artificial immunity with an “attenuated virus“:

“meaning it undergoes changes to make it less virulent and ‘hopefully’ not disease-causing. However, the attenuation process is highly inconsistent and not totally error proof, so the virus may remain virulent to some degree and still cause disease(2).  Therefore, the vaccine can cause measles infection, also known as “modified measles,” which is likely to be the cause of the recent outbreaks…”

So, it is not that vaccinations cure or stop disease – it is that vaccinations, specifically those that are for immune system defense, are created a modified form of the virus.  When you get a measles vaccine, you are putting an attenuated measles virus inside of you.

The other major issue I have with this study, is that it is incredibly broad, without taking into account ANY other factors other than childhood deaths.  It is eliminating virtually every other economic, environmental, and human-related variable in the study, and so it dumbs down the results and, in my opinion, does not make for sound science.

The conclusion of this article, which completely ignores another side of the debate is: “Eliminating measles with the vaccine is a triple win: less measles, less death from other diseases in individuals and less infections overall within a highly vaccinated population.”  Now, this is horrifying, as stating that a “highly vaccinated population” is a good and safe thing – as there are arguments against too many vaccinations inside of the human body.

I understand that there is a place for vaccinations, and I am certainly no doctor or health practitioner, but I also believe that people have the right to choose for themselves what they put in their bodies and in their babies’ bodies.  This is a heated debate, but it IS a debate, and therefore both sides of the issue deserve some media time.  This is not solved yet – and this conclusion from this study seems very suspicious to me.  And the propaganda-laden conclusion of the article is dis-heartening.  Can’t we just say that there is still a debate?


2. Vaccine Illusion: How Vaccination Compromises our Natural Immunity and What we can do to Regain our Health. Obukhanych, Tetyana, 2011

– Tisha Casida

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