A Weekend Trip to Country Roots Farm

Ryan & Reed Morris of Country Roots Farm

Ryan & Reed Morris of Country Roots Farm

Situated near the Arkansas River, on the St. Charles Mesa, there is a small family farm with a true passion for growing healthy food.  Country Roots Farm, established in 1993 and one of the original existing CSA farms in the country, offers a community-supported-Agriculture (CSA) program that brings this family’s passion for local agriculture to the palates of people in southeastern Colorado.

Country Roots is a family-run enterprise including Ryan, Betsy, and their son Reed.  Ryan’s mother, Virginia, who was also an integral part of the operation and very dear to our hearts, is forever a part of this farm in spirit, as she passed last year and is now an angel watching over this wonderful family.

When you join Country Roots Farm CSA Program you can be assured that they are growing all sorts of vegetables, some herbs, and even raspberries! Some of the produce may feature different varieties. For example, when they have heirloom tomatoes, you may be eating Cherokee Purple, White Tomesah, and Vintage Wine varieties.  Country Roots believes in growing a wide variety of open pollinated (OP) food to help keep the natural diversity of all the components of the farm strong and healthy.

In addition to eclectic, beautiful heirloom produce, Country Roots Farm has goat milk shares, eggs, and turkeys available for purchase.

In Colorado to ‘legally’ drink raw (unpasteurized) milk, you must “own a share of the herd”, hence a “Herd Contract” is signed by the consumer. This must be done prior to receiving any milk for consumption.  The goats in this herd are the “Jersey Milk Cows” of the goat world. Nubians, Oberhasli, and Alpines make up this mixed herd at Country Roots. These species of goats give a bit less in quantity of milk, but a much higher grade for consumption. This is an excellent milk for fresh drinking, making yogurt, kefir, and cheese.

Free-Range Eggs are available at Country Roots Farm for most of the year. They hand-raise the tiny chicks from one-day old. Eggs can be reserved by emailing or calling them at least 24 hours ahead of time due to the high demand.  Many of our readers may be familiar with the deliciousness of truly local free-range eggs, and we strongly urge you to find a local farmer in your part of the world to make your “eggs-perience” one that you won’t be able to stray from.

Pastured turkeys are also available at Country Roots, and they typically raise the double-breast bronze variety. Only 15 turkeys are available for purchase, and these are unlike any natural or organic turkey that you have had before.  The bio-dynamic operations of the farm and the high-quality certified natural goodness that the birds are consuming creates a healthy turkey that has lived a very happy and humane life.

This July, Country Roots Farm celebrates 23 years in business and was THE original advertiser who believed in the founding of That’s Natural!, over nine years ago.  We love you guys, and thank you for being such an integral part of our community, State, and world.

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